Hopergy Ultimate Adjustable Rear Leg is applicable to mount solar panels on flat roof or on the ground, could be adjusted to three angle ranges 10~15 degree, 15~30 degree and 30~60 degree, widely being used for residential rooftop solar PV system and commercial rooftop system throughout the world.

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Ultimate Adjustable Rear Leg

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HOP-H81-0038 (AL6005-T5) x 1

HOP-H21-0X40 (AL6005-T5) x 1

HOP-H22-0040 (AL6005-T5) x 1

HOP-J06-0000 (AL6005-T5) x 1

HOP-J07-0000 (AL6005-T5) x 1

HOP-J63-0025 (AL6005-T5) x 1

HOP-L92-0016 (SUS301) x 1

HOP-K03-0040 (EPDM) x 2

ST6.3*25 Self-tapping screw(SUS 410) x 1

M8*20 Hexagon socket head cap screws (SUS304) x1

M8*45 Hexagon socket head cap screws (SUS304) x1

M8*50 Hexagon socket head cap screws (SUS304) x2

M8×13 Ribbed Lock washers (SUS304) x 1

M8 flange Hexagon Nuts (SUS304) x 1

M8 1 type non metal insert six angle locking nut x 1


See below table

Ultimate Adjustable Rear LegUltimate Adjustable Rear Leg1