1.Equipments and test instrument
Hopergy is a professional in solar mounting system, have a R&D team with more than 20. The company's development is vigorous, and improve ourselves according to the actual needs of the market, develop the utility model products and cost-effective solutions. We can also provide OEM and ODM service. These equipments are just only part of ours, includes NC cutting machine, bending machine, welding machine, plate shearing machine,NC plate bending machine(Belgium), punching machine, pipe cutting machinem milling machine, press machine, welding robot, air compressor, automatic punching machine, radial drilling machine, contracted pipe machine, torsion machine, band sawing machine,etc. Besides, we can provide comprehensive test for our products, because we have a dedicated testing room. The tests includes press test, bending strength test, pull strength test, salt spray test, etc. 
2. Customized design
(1)Our team will design different optimal solutions for customers according to different regions, markets, and needs of different spots.
(2)New design, we will research new product 2-3 months once; Continuous update the products.


3. Technical support
If the customer has problems of installation or products (1) Online : ongoing solve customers’ problems through network and try to minimize the time difference between customers and provide the fastest solution service. (2) On-site :If the customer needs, we will arrange professional technical personnel to provide on-site technical support for region-specific.

Hopergy is dedicated in research and development and has more than 143 patents, which includes multi-groove Rail, adjustable clamp, fixed racking, fastensing device, foldable racking, improved structure rail, crescent clamp, specilized racking, panel cable clip,etc.